Friday, February 10, 2006

The Kitesurfer

A glorious day! I rarely see kitesurfers here on Pensacola Beach. This afternoon I saw several and it was incredible! Hopefully, I will have more photos for you soon.

If you love watching surfers, you will love the grace and poetry of kitesurfers even more.

[This post was corrected after the response of a knowledgeable reader. I referred to this sport as windsurfing, but it is actually called kitesurfing. I hope we'll have an opportunity to see more of the them in the future.]

1 comment:

lou in denver said...

Beautiful shot!!even better when enlarged!!
windsurfer? i think that is more like a parachute..para-sailing?
windsurfing involves a surfboard with a sail..
in any event the surfer was in his element riding the waves on a glorious day..
and i awoke to snow..
'nuff said!