Saturday, February 18, 2006

Krewe of Kids

So unfair that the Krewe of Kid's Parade was rained upon today. At least it didn't dampen their spirits. Dogs, kids, and adults took turns huddling in the Pavillion or under umbrellas at Casino Beach, waiting and hoping the sky would clear.

Mardi Gras princesses.

All beaded up and no place to go.

I float like a butterfly; sting like a bee,
but you'll never get a smile outta me.



breezwisher said...

And I was sitting at home all day..I could have been in the middle of all this dog eat dog competition...Great pictures DJ

lou in denver said...

again winners all..
shark and beads are my favorites..
what's a little rain?
obviously it didn't dampen spirits too much..
and i sit here looking at snow..
out my window, in my yard and half way around the world in torino, italia..
and you guys down there are having a ball..
literally and figuratively!!