Monday, February 27, 2006

Pensacola Beach Mardi Gras Parade

I did!

Hey, what's up?

First the uniforms on motorcycles!

Then the uniforms in black and white!

Then the uniforms in green!

Don'cha just love a guy in a skirt on a breezy day?

Just Jo Jo's Jester ride.

"Throw beads? We wanted to throw a party!"

This Krewe is SO in De' Nile!

"I like my beads! You can't have them."

King Tut!

The Captain and Tenille!

"Beads, moon pies...can't anyone just throw me a bone?"

Look at the size of those beads!

Here comes some good stuff.

These guys are just animals!

The Krewe of Cardinals???

Are we having fun yet?

Want some bee'ds, little girl?

They rocked the Dock!

Beads ahoy!

The Krewe of Junka-who???

Who's Sammy?


lou in denver said...

you up and did it again!!
photos as usual, are awsome!!
your colors are so true as compared to those in the PNJ and other coastal publications..
but most importantly, you again conveyed the very essence of the MARDI GRAS experience and the enjoyment of ALL attendees..
made me feel right at home on an obviously beautiful day at the beach!!!

Brian said...

Looks like you and I may have crossed paths this weekend. Nice shots.

Anonymous said...

appreciate the pics.. whatta view,what floor are you on