Friday, February 03, 2006

"The Sea"

"...He said, 'Tell me more of the sea.'
So I said, 'Challenge.'
The challenge of a rising gale or shifting breeze,
Of a wild sea or a flat calm,
Of a torn lashing sail or an ebbing tide,
Of an iced deck or fouled anchor,
Of uncharted waters or strange shore.
The challenge of God to man, to tame his sea..."

-- Jerome Thomas

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campbell said...

"The Sea" is extraordinary! I enlarged it and may Print it, but I'm afraid my printer won't do justice to it.

Went to Rick's for their annual Super Bowl Party. Saw Michael Hinchion, I swear he's becoming so thin. Do you remember when he was pretty hefty? Ho Hum, the Steelers won. Just wasn't up for it, I guess.