Thursday, February 16, 2006

Colors of twilight

I love the colors of early twilight here on Santa Rosa Island. An hour or so before sunset you will see layer upon layer of soft blue, plum, mauve, and delicate pink rising from the sea. As the sun sinks into the horizon, the hues and tones reach higher into the atmosphere, then deepen until they silently blend into the night.

The ruffles of seafoam that spilled onto shore today reminded me of the divinity candy my mother used to make. Try as she might to change my mind, I never developed a taste for the super sweet confection that dissolved into a pouf of air in my mouth. I like Mother Nature's version much better. {{Sorry, mother}}}


Morris said...

Those pictures are almost as beautiful as you are!

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

campbell said...

Come on, DJ, I loved my Momma's divinity. She made it with black walnuts, I wonder if that cut the sugar taste?

Hey, hey, who's Mr. Morris? What a nice fan. WOW!

Great pictures, by the way. I really liked #1 (sunset)

lou in denver said...

i too must agree..the pics are GREAT!
the softness of the pastel hues add to the anticipation of what is yet to come when darkness truly falls..

divinity is one of my all time favorite southern christmas treat!
bought some here..yuk!!!
and ask mom to send me your share..and yes, with walnuts please!

re: mr morris? details please!!

brrrrr! 6 degrees out.. and plenty of that white powdery stuff called snow!!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Since, to my knowledge, I've never met Mr. Morris, I'm assuming he's referring to my 'inner beauty'! ;-)

Thank you, Mr. Morris.

breezwisher said...

Way to go with that answer..DJ....
Also...nothing better than the homemade sweets..
Great picture of the moon..Keep it up