Thursday, September 05, 2013

For the love of technology!

Perhaps Barrier Island Girl will finally be back on track! My blog has suffered in the past year (or two) due to the amount of travel we've been doing, the time it takes to process my photos for the blog (they have to be downsized to a lower resolution or sometimes cropped), and the amount of activities I'm involved in now.

FINALLY, technology caught up with my needs - or perhaps my familiarity with technology I needed finally got up to speed - but an app was developed for Android which will allow me to take photos with my phone and upload them directly to my blog! YAY! That's not to say you won't be seeing some glitches as I learn, but as least I will be able to keep up my blog more easily.

The photos won't be as sharp since it's more difficult to steady my phone in high winds than it is with a heavier camera. There is also a problem of seeing what's actually on the LCD of my phone due to glare, and size of the phone screen. Unfortunately we've had a tremendous amount of rain and storms during my sea turtle patrols this year which meant my good cameras stayed at home. Let's see how this app works in the days ahead.

Here's hoping!

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