Monday, July 23, 2012

Sand turtle

There was no turtle activity on my Sunday patrol at Ft. Pickens this week, but I did come across a very nice sand turtle near Langdon Beach!

Good job!
Unfortunately I also discovered lots of discarded trash on the beach, which I picked up on my way back to the Ranger Station.  Due to time constraints we have when searching for sea turtle nests, we don't stop to pick up all the trash we see, otherwise we'd be out there all day.

If a nest is found which needs to be relocated, there are only a few hours in which it can be safely done without damaging the eggs

I just couldn't toss poor Betty Boop in the trash with all the other nasty stuff I picked up.  Even though the cord was broken and she'd been abandoned, Betty was so darn cute that I left her outside the dumpster in case someone wanted to rescue her.

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