Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crawfish Boil!

Before moving to Florida, I only knew about crawfish boils through articles in Coastal Living or novels by Mary Alice Monroe.  Now I know the tradition is alive and thriving on Pensacola Beach.

Crawfish (Crayfish/Mudbugs) are cooked with corn and potatoes, various spices and lemon halves, then heaped up and served on large platters.

 Whatcha think about it, Anna Grace?

Lance shows Graham, Anna Grace's older brother, the proper technique.

Amy holds Sharon Elizabeth, who's keeping a close eye on her grandpa and daddy as they cook.

By the way, Sharon's daddy, Justin, is the speediest crawfish peeler I've ever seen!

Anna Grace's blue dress is adorable, but it still can't compare to her beautiful blue eyes! 

Poor Roux keeps hoping someone will drop a tidbit under the table, but the sad expression is because she hasn't gotten lucky yet.

Looks like Graham is enjoying the crawfish.

Our next door neighbor/host, Brian, brings in another platter.

Brian and his son-in-law, Justin, have a great system going.

Sharon Elizabeth should be nicknamed 'Sunny'.  She's the happiest little girl I know, always laughing and smiling.

Poor Hub watches the fun through the fence.

Pat and Justin peel the leftover crawfish for tomorrow's etouffe while Elizabeth supervises!

Lance has a chance to catch up on his share of crawfish now that Graham is full and off to play.

Back-door neighbors, Mellissa (Anna Grace and Graham's mom) and Priscilla (our hostess).

Two Cajun boys! Our neighbor Wes with his long-time friend, Wayne, who was visiting from Lafayette, Louisiana.  I could happily listen to Wayne talk all day!

Stacy and Molly!

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