Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tiny invaders

Ah ha, I caught them redhanded!  Once again this year it is small House Finches that are guzzling all the hummingbird food in my feeders! 


Kathi Johansen said...

I guess we all need a little sugar now and then?! I never knew they would do that. And, do you see hummingbirds as early as this, DJ? Mine don't seem to come around until late summer but maybe it is me who is putting up the feeder late! P.S. I did have a female woodpecker one time that would hang on my little hummingbird feeder and drink until it ran down her belly! I think it had turned to alcohol and she was nipping at the bottle.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Oh, that is tooooo hilarious! Thanks for sharing. Wish I could have photographed that woodpecker!

As for the migration of hummingbirds, we generally see them in this area around the first of March - or at least by mid-March. Here is a link where you can check out their progress across North America (Spring 2011).

Kathi said...

Thanks! My dad will be interested too.