Saturday, March 19, 2011

The 'Super Moon'

What a beautiful moon tonight. I drove east into the Santa Rosa area of Gulf Islands National Seashore to find a more quiet place to photograph the event which NASA referred to as a "super 'perigee' moon".

It was simply splendid!!


Vicki Holdwick said...

Hello Barrier Island Girl,

We are back in Michigan and missing Pensacola Beach very much. The moon there is much more beautiful than here. Here is is surrounded by a halo of mist, which usually means we are going to get a rain storm.

Thanks so much for sharing this lovely picture.


Barrier Island Girl said...

Thank you, Vicki. It was indeed a spectacular moon which rose over the Gulf of Mexico.

I hope you had a wonderful trip to Pensacola Beach and made some very happy memories with your family.
I'm so excited to have such beautiful weather at last!


Kathy Condon said...

What a great photo!! And welcome back...miss your daily posts but understand!!!

in MN
and also
1720 Calle Bonita!!

PS --love, love, the last photo of the beach walkover!!!! It soothes me!!!

Jeff Wignall said...

Wow! Just beautiful, I love the color. You have me beat hands down! Talented people really annoy me :)


Barrier Island Girl said...

One thing I failed to comment on was the color of the moon. The 'controlled' burn within Gulf Islands National Seashore in Gulf Breeze which went awry a couple of days ago and resulted in traffic being shut down completely for several hours (including the two bridges)surely contributed to the incredible color of this 'Super Moon' in our area as it rose out of the Gulf of Mexico.

Here is a link to the photo galleries of the smoke monster which ate Pensacola Beach Friday/Sat

Lisa LaViolette said...

That is gorgeous, DJ! We thought it was spectacular here in Michigan but this picture is beautiful!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Thanks, all, for the compliments. It was a beautiful evening and I lucked out with a few good shots!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pic! It was cloudy and rainy here and couldn't be seen. So glad to have you back. You were missed daily.

Unknown said...

Hi DJ, What a beautiful shot. I watched the Super Moon come over a ridge in the north Georgia mountains saturday night, and I thought it was spectacular. Your photo is even more spectacular.
So glad you are back. See you in April


Barrier Island Girl said...

Scottie, I'm trying to get back in the groove! See you soon!