Sunday, January 30, 2011

Krewe of Junkanoo Chili Cook-off

The Krewe of Junkanoo held their Chili Cook-off at the Sandshaker yesterday afternoon. This year the Mystic Krewe of Nereids, an all-female krewe, made their presence known! Elaine Mitchell (above), our Krewe co-chairman, oversees the table preparations.

Our entry was Cowpoke Carl's Cowgirl Chili (C4!) and all the Nereids wore their finest cowgirl attire.

The Chili Cook-off has become an annual fundraising event for the Krewe of Junkanoo and the afternoon also included several raffles, a 50-50 contest, presentation of their new royalty, and much more.

Nancy Kittel models the 'breast-plates' and beads many of the Junkanoo were wearing (and selling) yesterday.

Marilyn LeNormand, one of the founding members of the Mystic Krewe of Nereids travels all the way from Mobile, Alabama during the Mardi Gras season for krewe events. Amazing how such a tiny little thing can have such big heart. She's also a Master Gardener with her own landscaping company!

Elaine Mitchell and other Nereids work on decorating their table and setting up bowls of chili toppings.

Yikes! It's three chili bandidas! Lila Cox, Judy L'Oignon, and yours truly.

Uh oh, this little fellow evidently stumbled upon someone who dwindled to a skeleton while waiting for this year's chili cook-off to begin.

An impostor on the prowl for the best chili on the beach.

Cowpoke Carl (my hubby and chef for the Nereids), stands sentry before the tasting begins.

Little Ms. Peggy Henshall, our own Annie Oakley, right down to her six-shooter.

Paulette Provost! What a treasure she is - multi-krewe royalty with a Cajun flair. We love her!

Cowpoke Carl surrounded with his Cowgirls and Chili.

And guess who won!!!! Yep, Cowpoke Carl's Cowgirl Chili took home first place and bragging rights to the best chili on Pensacola Beach!



BaysideLife said...

Congrats on your win. Looks like you all had a fun day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,congrat,s I knew you would win,your chili is great,mazel

Vicki Holdwick said...

Congrats on the win.

We just arrived for a month's stay at the Emerald Isles. The weather is not very cooperative yet, but since our area just got a foot of snow back home we are not complaining.

We came for a week last year and loved it.


Barrier Island Girl said...

Vicki, I hope that the weather will warm up soon. Saturday was beautiful, so we know it can turn around quickly. I'm very glad you came back again this year!


Jeff Wignall said...

Listen, DJ, I'm sick of winter. We've had SEVEN FEET of snow this year and I'm just toast (frozen toast). Can I come live and play with you folks? Is there any more room in Pensacola for just *one* more? Maybe one of your neighbors really misses the cozy charm of blizzards and endless snow and ice and the sound of the furnace burning up $100 bills--I can make them a nice deal on a cute colonial in Connecticut.

I hope you're feeling better! And I hope those beaches are clean.


Barrier Island Girl said...

OK, that is just plain scary! Seven feet of snow???? Heck, 7 inches would scare me!

I assure you, there is always room for one more on Pensacola Beach. The more, the merrier, is the motto. And they won't even ask you to trade. ;-)

The beaches are beautiful, but the real test will be the first tropical storm which comes near us this summer. It will probably send tarmats rolling ashore and force the SandSharks (cleaning/sifting equipment) out of retirement.

We're so excited to have warm temps again. I will probably venture out tomorrow now that I'm recouping from a nasty upper respiratory infection. I'll be truly upset if I don't feel up to attending and photographing the surfers' memorial paddle-out tomorrow afternoon for one of our own, Yancy Spencer III, who passed away this week. He was a true surfing champion and hero to many.

Take care!