Sunday, September 05, 2010

June Grass

It was startling to see huge mats of June grass (Cladophora) which washed ashore around Langdon Beach this morning. As you can see in this and the following photo, there was also a sheen on the water.

I have no way of knowing if the sheen is related to oil or algae, but I will share one link about June Grass/Cladophora which you may find interesting: Definition of Cladophora.

Under the heading of "You can't teach common sense", I made a note of two swimmers splashing around and having a grand time just 50 ft. or so from this mess. Onlookers just shook their heads.

YIKES! It looks like 'gators or rows of alien creatures crawling ashore!

Bizarre, isn't it?!

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BaysideLife said...

I hope the sheen is from the algae. Have you shared this with "whoever" needs to know? That june grass is really bizarre. I don't ever remember seeing it before. Thanks for the link.