Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dirty little crab

I have little sympathy for Ghost crabs since they dig into sea turtle nests and will eat either the eggs or the tiny hatchlings themselves! Still, I feel sorry for crabs when I see them oiled. The first crab in the video is actually luckier than some I've seen with completely oiled eye stalks.

Please forgive the shakiness of the video. The weather was bad and I could not take time to get out of my vehicle. The wind was gusting enough to move my camera around when I was trying to capture these two characters on video.

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Alice In Wonderland Rocks said...

Hi,my name is Alice,I found your blog through a blog of a blog :) You have some really cool post. I have to say the crab is really kinda cute but I feel bad for the the bby turtle eggs. Anyway have a great weekend!!