Thursday, March 11, 2010


This year more than most, we are all looking forward to spring -- and you can feel it in the air. Wait, maybe it's pine pollen blowing across from the mainland you're feeling on days with a northerly breeze. {{{sneeze, cough}}}

Almost overnight it seems, tulip trees, redbud, and Bradford Pears are budding or blooming.

We've been treated to a couple of blue-sky days and warmer weather -- just enough to tease us -- and this weekend we switch back to daylight savings time. Parking nodes are filling up with teenagers and small planes are flying along with advertising banners.

We've had little quality time on the beach for ourselves this winter, but I'm still ready for spring!


Polly said...

DJ, glad to see you posting again! Thanks for early signs of spring - love the tulip trees and the brief but bight blast of color they provide.

Nicole said...

DJ: We're coming down the week after Easter...should be arriving on Tuesday evening after Easter...keep these warm and sunny days coming! After getting over 4 feet of snow this winter in Northern Virginia we're ready to see snow white SAND and lots of sun! ;-)

Greg, Nicole, and Matthew Ferrara

Barrier Island Girl said...

I've ordered up some perfect weather for your visit. Can't wait to see how much Matthew has grown. Will it be the first time he's met little cousin Sharon? Can't wait to meet her, too!