Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pensacola Beach Christmas Parade

The annual Pensacola Beach Christmas Parade was held today and our island spirit was evident!

A Color Guard signaled the start of the parade.

Hmmm...let's see what the Chamber of Commerce is throwing the crowd today! This way, Jeff! Cool ride!

Kicks and smiles!

And these little cuties want to be just like the big girls.

Divine Danah and her Krewe of Naugas are in the Christmas Parade! If you don't know the hilarious story behind this Krewe, you must swing by The Market on the Island and pick up a copy of To the Beat of an Island Drum...A Different Kind of Mardi Gras by Jane Waters Cooper.

Who needs a float! It's all in the attitude around here.

Oh look! It's the king and queen!

I want her glasses!

I know why Sandi Johnson's smiling. All her friends are so happy to have her back on the island in time for our Christmas festivities, and so is she.

Chrissy Cook is having a blast handing out beads along the parade route!

It's Bubba'Lishous (aka Tarsha Bechtol)! "Hey 'Lishous!" Sorry I had to crop Bubba out of the picture, but he bent over at the wrong time!

I loved this little vehicle and its creative placement of a Texas Longhorn hood ornament...

but I loved what was riding in the back even more! Scotties!

Maraca-mania! Let's start a conga line.

Alrightttttt! The elves are out and they have some serious goodies. Oh pleazzzze, Mr. Elf, I want one!

Carly Churchward gets a hug and a prize from Elf Lila. She also went home with about five pounds of candy and two pounds of beads!

Merry Christmas from Pensacola Beach and don't forget to
Season Your Holidays with Island Spirit


Anonymous said...

Great shots of the parade...
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics D.J. I'll tell Bubba what you said about him bent over heheheheheheheh~Lishous