Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a young island girl happily building sandcastles on the beach. Suddenly, to her complete surprise, a shovel of sand came up with a little something extra -- a large sand crab!

The island girl sat back and looked at him. Mr. Crab clackity-clack-clacked up at her with his pinchers, frowning that she had disturbed his afternoon nap under the warm, white sand. He was definitely unhappy to be stuck in a bucket.

The island girl said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Crab. I didn't mean to disturb you."

"Clackity-clack-clack!" he replied.

When the island girl first released Mr. Crab, he decided to hide out on the beach blanket, noting seagulls hovering close above! Unfortunately that didn't work very well, since he stood out like a cherry on top a sundae, so he skittered across to the white sand.

"Goodbye," said the island girl as Mr. Crab quickly buried himself in the sand to finish his afternoon nap with little visible but his protruding eyes.

"Clackity-clack-clack!" said the crab.

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Anonymous said...

those are cool pics of the Mr.Crab