Friday, October 19, 2007


It has been days since I've been able to get out on the beach, first due to the red tide and now due to heavy rains that came in from the Gulf of Mexico.

At the height of the storm on the beach, this is what it looked like from my window. Unofficially we had over 15 inches of rain here yesterday and another 9 1/2 today!

Oh look! We're getting a lap pool!


Anonymous said...

nice lazy river !!

Anonymous said...

Looks like my yard. We were ready to build and ark!!

Anonymous said...

be thankful..
the red tide effects should be washed away,
your drought is quenched..
the water will disappear,
followed by warm, pleasant, sunny days..
you could have our weekend forecast:
rain, sleet, slush and SNOW..
all following after a warm sunny day in the high 70's!!!
go Broncos!!
Go Rockies!!!
out here in chilly Denver