Saturday, June 30, 2007

Name that wildflower

Nature sleuths, get out your wildflower books and online links! Please help me identify this wildflower.

I originally discovered several of them last month around Range Point, but last week I was excited to find one blooming out of a clump of the sea oats which surround my house. If you click on the photo above it will enlarge and you can see the exquisite detail in the center of the bloom on the right.

I believe the flower may be Centuary, but I can find no photos of Centuary with a center such as these.

[Update: I knew my fabulous blog visitors would come through for me! Thank you so much, Anne. The name of the wildflower is Slender Rose Gentian. I can sleep peacefully tonight with this mystery solved.]


Anne said...

Methinks it may be Rose Gentian.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Wonderful! Thank you, Anne!