Sunday, February 11, 2007

Krewe of Kids 2007

"Shiver your timbers, lady!"

"Is it time to throw beads yet?"

A patriotic pirate!

Happiness is...

Never too young for Mardi Gras on the beach!

Little Wisp'er

"Capt'n, you know that bird just parrots everything you say!"

All boa'd up and places to go!

Looking back...this pirate will have lots of good memories

Sandals, tennis shoes or boots! Everything works at the beach, especially during Mardi Gras! I loved these little fashionistas!

Baby's first Krewe of Kid's parade! (Don't worry, mom was keeping a close eye on those beads.)

Handing out beads to toss during the parade.

Let the parade begin!

"Mmmmmm....I love mini moon pies! Wait! You mean I have to throw them?"

Wow! Good throw!

Fun in the sun!

Krewe of Kids 15th annual parade

Countin' beads.
What a great day. What a great view. What a great event.

Good crowd.
WEAR-TV in attendance to capture the festivities!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

GOOD morning
GOOD shots
GOOD times
GOOD clean fun!
Let the GOOD times roll!!
Good to have you back
Good to see white sand instead of SNOW!!!!
lou in denver