Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trip to Tennessee

I arrived back on the island last night after a trip to be with my parents in Tennessee. The drive could not have been timed any better to enjoy a spectacular fall display.

The colors were beautiful along the Tennessee River at Nickajack Dam.

A day trip to Crossville, Tennessee, took us into the higher elevation of the Cumberland Plateau so my parents could see the fall colors.

Thar's gold in them thar hills! Actually it's in my parents front yard.

A bit of haze in the air did not distract from the beauty.

A few days later a cold front moves through, bringing rain, and leaves begin to fall. The crimson and gold slowly fade away. Low clouds drift round the hills and spill out over the water. Fewer people stop to appreciate the view, though diehard fishermen ignore the chill in the air.


Becky said...

Been dropping in on your site now and take pretty photos.

I live in N. GA and you hit it just as the right time. This past weekend was our peak, I believe, and the rain has made this a prettier fall than most for us.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the lovely Tennessee Fall foliage made me a little homesick for New England. The sea has my heart, but my eyes miss the kaleidascope of color of a Fall day up North. Thanks.