Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rustling palms

"Alone with myself
The trees bend to caress me
The shade hugs my heart"

- Candy Polgar

Ahhhh...back home with sea breezes and rustling palms. I am, indeed, a very lucky woman.

I want to extend my heart-felt thanks to all the people who e-mailed me during my time in Tennessee. I was so homesick for Pensacola Beach, but your kind words buoyed my spirit and helped brighten my days and nights.

Although I will return to Tennessee a few more times this summer to check on and tend to my parents, future absences should not be as extended.

Thank you again to all my incredibly kind blog visitors, many of whom have become my friends.


TJ said...

Well, I am very glad you are back!!
Hey, post some pictures from TN next time...I lived on the Ky~Tn border and I get homesick sometimes.

Anonymous said...

DJ - I just returned from a trip with my Mom, Aunt, and Sibs. It was great to see that you are back and posting your beautiful pictures again. Shells

Anonymous said...

I accidently stumbled on your blog site and, though I am rarely interested in personal blogs, I'm very glad I did.

I share your love for P'cola and the surrounding area. I was first there in 1959 for Flight School, but have been back many times since.

Between 1981 and 1999, I've lived in Florida three times (not counting the Navy), Orlando, Tampa and Winter Haven, and though they are all attractive for their own reasons, few places can match P'cola.

Having a rather extensive graphic arts background, I am impressed by your photography ... not so much the technical rendition, that's a matter of knowing your medium and equipment to render the image you see, but your point of view; your brain. All good pictures start in your mind and you do an excellent job.

Thank you for allowing us to share your experiences ... I wish you well.

PoGo (Larry Miller)