Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rise and fly

"Time is swift, it races by; Opportunities are born and die... Still you wait and will not try - A bird with wings who dares not rise and fly."

-- A.A. Milne


Anonymous said...

My husband and I moved to the Pensacola area two years ago and have only recently found your blog. We share your love for the beauty of the Beach. Your pictures have truly captured its essence. I look forward each morning to seeing what bit of our paradise you will highlight. Your last photos of birds in flight are wonderful. What kind of camera do you use? All my efforts at shots such as these have been mostly unsuccessful.

Thanks for sharing both your photos and your obvious enchantment with Pensacola Beach.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hey, CT. Welcome to the Pensacola area. I'm so glad you found and enjoy my blog.

For Christmas I got a Canon EOS Rebel XT. I'm still learning about it, but enjoying the process. Every day brings something new and exciting.