Monday, October 17, 2005

When the coast is clear

Okay, so now my secret is out. I'm a Jimmy Buffet fan and that's one of my favorite songs. You can guess what I was hummin' as I walked along an empty stretch of beach tonight.

When The Coast is Clear

They're closin' down the hangout
The air is turnin' cool
They'er shuttin' off the superslide
The kids are back in school.

The tourist traps are empty
Vacancy abounds
Almost like it used to be
Before the circus came to town.

That's when it always happens
Same time every year
I come down to talk to me
When the coast is clear

Hello mister other me
It's been a long, long time
We hardly get to have these chats
That in itself's a crime

So tell me all your troubles
I'll surely tell you mine
We'll laugh and smoke and cuss and joke
And have a glass of wine.

That's where it always happens
Same place every year
I come down and talk to me
When the coast is clear.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fascinating that the shadow at the waters edge makes it look like a shoreline I've never seen! Looks like the edge of the water has a thickness to it - sort of a lip. Of course, it's beautiful, but it's also truly a special one. I've never seen anything like it.

Thunder said...

One of my all time favorites too! The picture definitely adds to the feeling!

Anonymous said...

Growing up in Gulf Breeze on the sound, I've always loved Buffet too. And from the first day I heard "When the coast is clear", I swore he wrote that song about our beach this time of year. Way up in CT, 7 yrs now, I hear that song and am instantly taken back to P'cola Beach in the fall!

Anonymous said...

There used to be a super slide and water park at the beach... about where the putt putt is now.