Thursday, December 11, 2008

Traveling Turtle Girl blog

Kirsten's brother, Sean, has updated her Traveling Turtle Girl blog, so you may want to visit it again. It is very generous of him to think of all her friends from Pensacola and around the world, and try to give us a bit of closure during this extremely difficult time.

I also appreciate the comments left on this blog by some of Kirsten's friends and former co-workers. Even if you did not know Kirsten, you can see how special she was to us through these words.

When I first woke up this morning, I had such a sad, heavy feeling and wondered if I had had bad dreams in the night, why did I feel so strange. Then it all came flooding back and I remembered...Kirsten is gone.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a friend and her words were very comforting. She said,

"... we will all miss her individually, and collectively. Then I think about the veil of sadness that will form around those who knew her. It lifts eventually and when it does each person can, in their own way, find a place of peace. I think I will concentrate on the thought that a gentle and sweet girl like that must have a great Valhalla or Heaven waiting for her. Where her universe is filled with joy and all her fabulous creatures who she tried so hard to assist."

Each time I feel heavy of heart again, I will try to think of Kirsten surrounded with a turquoise sea, sugar-white sand, and thousands of tiny hatchlings she so dearly loved. She will never be forgotten. We will show our love and respect to her memory by continuing the work for which she was so passionate.

View Kirsten's video of Loggerhead hatchlings on Pensacola Beach. Click HERE.


Anonymous said...

DJ, Thank you so very much from Kirsten's family for providing the information to so many of her friends and followers that we could not reach. You have done so in a truly honorable and loving fashion that Kirsten so deserves. She called you a good friend in person and in her blogs, and I can see why she thought of you that way. Please continue her good work and encourage others to do the same.

Tom Freeland

Chiklit3 said...

Great job on posting all the links...I had never seen the youtube sea turtle nest video before! Thanks so much for having a place for us all to share our turtle girl. <3 Rhonda