Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sand fencin' (Just fence me in)

We are beginning to see more rolls of fencing along the beach as work continues on dune restoration, and in neighborhoods trying to hold sand in place on open lots.

[Sing along to the tune of "Don't Fence Me In"]

"Oh give me sand, lots of sand, and the starry skies above,
~ then fence me in.
Let me ride side the wide open beaches that I love,
~ then fence me in.
Oh let me be by myself in the evening breeze,
And listen to the crashing of the rolling seas,
Send me off forever but I ask you please,
~ just fence me in.

"Turn me loose,
~ let me capture
~ all the rapture
~ underneath the southern skies.
Round the dunes
~let me wander
~over yonder
~while the gulls go flying by.

"I want to walk on the beach where the blue commences
~ gaze at the moon until I lose my senses
It's great to be rebuilding, but we need sand fences,
~ so fence me in."

~~ Barrier Island Girl (with apologies to late Cole Porter and Bob Fletcher)


Virginia Kent said...

Wow! This is an absolutely georgeous photo! The eternal sky and the finite beach and sea oats! I would love to know how to get a print! Thanks Barrier Island Girl!

Pelican Lady from N.O.

Virginia Kent said...

OOPs! I meant for this to be a comment on the "Forms of Beauty picture! Virginia

lou in denver said...

absolutely fabulous!!!
i couldnt have sang it better myself...
lou in denver