Friday, September 29, 2006

The Bouquet

Today I saw a beautiful bouquet that reminded me of life's ever-changing journey.

Like a hand's grasp of hydrangeas, we adapt as best we can to the acidity or akalinity which sometimes unexpectantly rearranges our lives.

The sun shifts, the shade grows, and though we struggle against change, we adapt.

While the colors of our life may fade, as sure as spring follows winter, a delicate blush will become rich and vibrant, reaching out to envelope us again.

Though a bouquet is rearranged and its hues and tones shifted by time, beauty survives. Though not the same as we first gathered, or first arranged, we love it the same -- just differently.

1 comment:

lou in denver said...

this is one of the most beautifully moving, deeply profound articles you have ever written.
the accompanying photos only serve to further emphasize the beauty of the prose..
thanks for touching my heart once again while reminding me of my home..