Thursday, September 28, 2006

Crystal clear!

The end of September is a spectacular time on Pensacola Beach. Both the water and air temperature have dropped and the seaweed has washed back out to sea.

The water is crystal clear as it washes over our sugar-white sand. The ribbons of color across the Gulf of Mexico are incredible.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Oh yes, how I remember......thanks for bringing it home to me. I will never get the sand out of my toes!
Georgia Girl now.............and hating it!

CT on the Bay said...

A photographer and a poet! I'm out the door with my dog and camera headed to P'cola beach to enjoy those crystal clear waters and humidless air. I love fall.
I noticed that you also love "Gift form the Sea." Have you read "Return to the Sea: Reflections on Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Gift from the Sea" by Anne M. Johnson with a foreward by Reeve Lindbergh. Another of my favorite reads.

a_books said...

Save that clear blue water and weather, please. I'll be there soon.

Katherine said...

We used to have a White Sands condo, before Ivan destroyed it. I miss being on the most beautiful beach in the world. I can't wait until it is all rebuilt and I can be back there again.