Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Reflecting on Portofino

The sunset reflects on the towers of Portofino while I reflect on the place I used to live. I miss some things about the condo, but I love my new home!


Anonymous said...

Wondering................where do you live now...............

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hello, anon! I practically live in the shadow of Portofino -- hence another word-play on the phrase I used. I now have a house on the island instead of the condo.

I still walk by Portofino almost every morning, exploring, looking for new photographic opportunities, and just drinking in the natural beauty of Range Point and the wetlands.

Diane said...

Can you please email me information.
If possible please let me know
how the area in general is doing since all the hurricanes. My
husband and I want to visit there again but we want to know
if the area is in better shape now that time has passed after
such horrible storms hit there. We absolutely love the beach
there and how pretty everything was. If its not too much
trouble please give me some insight on how things are there now. Ive been trying to get information for a while now but cant seem to get any...
Any information is greatly appreciated.

Barrier Island Girl said...


I'd be happy to e-mail you, but you didn't leave your e-mail address for me to respond. :-) So sorry. If you see this post, just respond to my e-mail address on my profile.

DJ (Barrier Island Girl)

Diane said...

Thank you! I sent an email to your address posted on your blog.
Photos are magnificent! I appreciate your response.....Thanks again, Diane