Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I love it when I catch a wave-splash!


Anonymous said...

as a native pensacolian,currently residing in beautiful denver colorado,you can't imagine my joy at discovering your gorgeous photos of "my" beach!!
as an ex-navy wife who has traveled the world over, i have never encountered another beach to evoke the same beauty and tranquility as those of our legendary coast.
my jar of beach sand has accompanied me everywhere i've gone.. always reminding me of my roots and home.
when really homesick,i open the jar, sprinkle a few grains into my palms and say a prayer of thanks, and then sprinkle a few grains into my shoes..ensuring my native soil will always return me home.
thanks again for your beautiful photos and the perfect thoughts accompanying each..i could not have captured the essence of the beach and home any better myself!!!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Lou, thank you so much! What a great story about your jar of beach sand. :-)

It makes me very happy to share my photos with others who love Pensacola Beach as much as I do.