Sunday, November 20, 2005

Soundside Sunday

The high winds out of the north that we experienced for several days have finally calmed. The Sound is smooth as glass and the water is crystal clear.

Although there are times when I know a shot is pretty good, there are others when it definitely does not translate from what I see in my mind's eye. This photo was meant to show the viewer a close-up of delicate grasses in crystal clear water of the Sound. Unfortunately the final effect looks more like the back of an Italian guy my former roommate dated several years ago.


Angel Girl said...

I understood exactly what you were trying to capture (but your description of the hairy back was funny as all get-out!) for I've tried the same type of shot of "drowned" autumn leaves in the shallows of one of our crystal clear lakes up here in the Ozarks!

Nice photos, D.J.
Thank you!
A. G.

Weather said...

The grass picture is neat.
I wonder why it grows in a circle like that?