Friday, September 02, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

Tropical Storm Lee is already taking its toll on our sea turtle nests.  I was checking one of the Pensacola Beach nests this afternoon when the waves starting washing across it.  It will almost surely be washed out tonight since we still have several hours until high tide (3 a.m., I believe).

We've all been so happy at the boom of sea turtle nests we've had this year, but we hate to lose even one.


GrannyT said...

DJ - do they ever sandbag around the nests in situations like this? Still thinking of the nest that was laid on August 13th in front of our rental house - it was my birthday! Thanks

Barrier Island Girl said...

If I remember correctly, from what you told me at the time, that was not an 'in situ' nest - meaning in its natural location. It was too close to the water and had to be relocated. They almost always relocate them to the dune line, so your birthday nest should be safe! I will try to remember to let you know how things turn out, even though it's not in my patrol area!


P.S. No, they have never done any sandbagging of nests. Believe it or not, they would just float away, or the water could possibly swirl around and end up trapped over the nest.