Sunday, April 11, 2010

Breezy day

What a beautiful day on the beach, though breezy. Cobia boats are out in force running along the coastline. Despite choppy water, you can already see the gorgeous color of the Gulf which is even more beautiful in summer.


Pat Harris said...

I miss my beach sooo much. Once you've lived in the area, it never leaves your soul. Keep showing us pictures. It helps. Pat.

Debbie (LSU Flag Lady) said...

Sunday, I was watching the Portofino beach cam and saw a couple of those small boats off their shoreline. Are they patroling for swimmers in trouble?

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hey Debbie!

Those are fishing boats you see on the Portofino Beach Cam right now. April is the month cobia come in and the fishermen are running along the coastline looking for them. If you notice, a lot of the small boats have 'towers' and have a man on the lookout for them.

The first year I was at Portofino, I counted sixty boats within sight from east to west.

Debbie (LSU Flag Lady) said...

Thanks D.J.

That’s why I love your website. I learn something new all the time about my favorite place, Pensacola. I didn’t know Cobia was a fish. LOL!

Hoening Industries said...

I cannot wait until I can get in that water.