Tuesday, March 10, 2009

By-the-wind sailor

Literally thousands of By-the-wind sailors (Velella velella) washed ashore on Pensacola Beach yesterday morning. I had commitments earlier in the day and they were drying out by the time I arrived to take some photos. But, thanks to Sean Rogan, a friend who works at the Hilton, I was able to document this ususual event where so many were in the water and on the beach.

Let's hope the gulls think of all these sting-free By-the-wind sailors as a seafood buffet, otherwise it could get a bit stinky in another day.

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Beach Bum said...

Had thousands of these wash up on a beach in Catalunya, Spain several weeks ago when I was out there on holiday along with many of the "traditional" jelly fish that they call Medusa (appropriate name - I got stung swim training several times) out there. Now I know what they're called! Always nice to bump into another beach lover btw! Like the look of your sand.