Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Krewe of Wrecks

Shortly after the first of the year I was asked about becoming the official photographer for the Krewe of Wrecks. Their long-time photographer, a delightful man, Mr. Bill Meilner, announced he was ready to settle back and enjoy Mardi Gras season a bit more leisurely -- in first person rather than through a camera lens.

I was concerned about taking on the task and stepping into the shoes of someone who had documented Pensacola Beach Mardi Gras celebrations for years on the island. Conversations with both Mr. Meilner and members of the Krewe gave me courage to go for it.

It's been quite a learning curve this season, but I have enjoyed it immensely. I discovered the Krewe of Wrecks were simply asking me to do the same thing I've done every year since becoming a full-time resident -- photographing events on the island -- but now I have much more access and acceptance. It has been delightful.

In the past, albums have been assembled for the Krewe after Mardi Gras where they could order prints of themselves and friends at various KOW events. I did not want to stop that tradition since there are some who do not have a computer, but I did want to add Internet access for those who would prefer to browse the photos online and perhaps share them with family and friends outside the area.

Consequently, I am adding a Krewe of Wrecks sections under "Links" where members can view and order prints of KOW events as an extended part of my Internet storefront of Pensacola Beach nature photos. This will place my blog viewers in a unique position to experience a bit of Pensacola Beach Mardi Gras behind the scenes.

You will begin to notice familiar characters, faces and smiles in these events. One of my favorites this year was the Queens' Dinner. Queens from various Krewes and generations were in attendance. All were graciously recognized and a small group honored posthumously. Moving about this beautiful group of ladies, photographing them, reminded me how important it was to also honor them with dignity and grace, as well as document them as part of our island history.

For KOW members, this link provides a new place where you can view your photos and place orders. For my blog visitors, this is a unique part of the island which you may enjoy in addition to the quiet seascapes and other island events I share with you on a daily basis.

My thanks to the Krewe of Wrecks!


Anonymous said...

Hiya DJ,
Tim Rak here,your old (wait, I am only 39!) neighbor. If anyone could do the photography job for the Krewe it would be you. You have a natural talent and most importantly, a true love for what you do and that reflects in all of your beautiful works. You are a blessing to Pensacola Beach. Keep up the great work! Tim

Anonymous said...

Very soon now the new Grand Marlin (old Boy on Dolphin site at foot of Bob Sikes bridge) will be removing the pilings home to about 100 of our native pelicans who roost there every day/night.
We need to provide our pelicans a permanent home on this island. Can we get Fish & Wild life or some one to help before the beautiful birds are driven away. Harry Purcell hjpurcell@bellsouth.net