Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blue Angels Air Show

At last, the date for the Blue Angels' performance on Pensacola Beach this summer has been finalized. It will be July 11th!

For some reason tentative dates kept shifting between July 11 and July 18, but you may now mark your calendars!

For folks visiting during that second weekend of July, this means the Blue Angels will be also be practicing over the beach Thursday morning, July 9th. A dress rehearsal with other participants will be held on July 10. In the past that list has included favorites such as the AeroShell Aerobatic Team, Gary Ward in his MX2, Julian MacQueen in his vintage Grumman Widgeon G-44, Vortex Aerobatic, and the Geico Skytypers (I'd really like to see them again!).


Midge said...

Hey, exactly where do most people go to watch them? Just on a random beach, I'm serious, where?

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hi Midge,

The beach gets pretty crowded during Blue Angels weekend. Mostly folks come to the island and watch the show around Casino Beach. That is considered the core where you see the tall Pensacola Beach water tower. You should bring umbrellas, beach chairs and lots of sunscreen and water.

But folks can observe the dress rehearsal on Friday or the main event on Saturday anywhere from the Portofino Towers to the Holiday Inn Express on Ft. Pickens Road. It's sort of like being in a large theatre. The extreme ends of Pensacola Beach would be the balcony and Casino Beach would be the orchestra seats front and center. :-)

I hope you will be able to visit and enjoy! If you aren't able to be here that weekend, the Blue Angels perform every Wednesday during the summer at the Naval Air Station (again, for free).