Friday, July 11, 2008

Fields of flowers

Last year I heard there were small pastures of slender rose gentian tucked around the dunes on Santa Rosa Island. When I started spotting a few of the delicate blooms this year, I set out to track down the meadows of wildflowers and photograph them.

Sure enough, yesterday morning I found them midst the dunes on the east end of Pensacola Beach. There is a feeling of satisfaction to discover something so pristine still exists here on the island.

[Note: When exploring the island always walk around the dunes, never walk over them]

The slender rose gentian, which some states call slender marsh pinks, is one of our most beautiful wildflowers. Click on the photo above to see the detail.

My thanks to Glenn Griffith from the Neighborhood & Environmental Services Department for sharing this special event with me.

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