Sunday, August 05, 2007

Where in the world is this?

Where in the world is this - considering Pensacola Beach is my little world, of course.

Not to be outdone by Pensacola News Journal's Seven Wonders of Pensacola, and not to mention that one of their "seven wonders" is located on Pensacola Beach, I'll serve up my version of landmarks and curiosities from time to time.

So, blog viewers, where on Pensacola Beach will you find this entertaining display? Post your comments below.

[Sign reads: "MAN-EATING GIANT CLAM. Known to eat bad little boys and girls in one gulp. A piece of history: This shell was displayed outside the Allan Davis Shell Shop in Gulf Breeze from 1949 - 2004 when the store closed."]


Pensacola Beach No High Rises !! said...

Flounders !!!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Aha! Two hours and three minutes by my account. An islander for sure! Fantastic response!

Please refer to my profile on this site for my e-mail address and send me your mailing address. There will really be a prize for this!


Anonymous said...

jg from Texas, Alan Davis' clam is now at Flounder's is it not?
thanks for sharing the Island