Saturday, August 04, 2007

T. Bubba Bechtol

(T. Bubba Bechtol & 'Lishous)

This afternoon I attended T. Bubba Bechtol's book-signing at Hemingway's to launch his new book and CD, "Who's Your Bubba?"

While my blog and photographs generally feature the spectacular land and seascapes of Pensacola Beach, "Bubba", a resident of Pensacola Beach, is someone I admire and it feels appropriate to recommend him and his books/CD to my blog visitors.

Bubba is a great comedian who truthfully claims, “You can repeat my little stories and opinions at work on Monday in front of anyone, even at church...I’ve had to keep my comedy clean, because my momma’s still alive. If I didn’t, she’d give me an ass whipping this very day!” In this day and age becoming successful with a 'clean' comedy performance seems very courageous. Then again, I don't know his momma.

Pick up a copy of his book and you will see it is true. "Who's Your Bubba" has already had me laughing out loud--and I read some of it to my mother in Tennessee over the phone after I got home with it this afternoon. It also brought tears to my eyes with some of his life experiences ("The Christmas Hitchhiker").

Though labeled a comedian, he is definitely "a very gifted observer of human nature" who dishes it up with a satisfying comedic twist. And I really like him. Just thought you'd like to know...

Bubba and his wife, Tarsha (aka 'Lishous), are a beautiful couple who make you feel special just being around them. It's nice knowing I share my little piece of paradise with people like them.

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