Sunday, January 15, 2006

Texas bound

I am leaving for Dallas, Texas this morning and will be gone until next weekend. Always mindful of my blog visitors, I took some extra shots in the past few days so that I can continue posting while I'm away!

Unfortunately I have discovered one quirky problem when utilizing drafts. All those posts will be dated January 13th -- the day they were created. Consequently you will have to scroll down to January 13 to see a new post each day. {{{sigh -- blondes and technology have such a low row to hoe.}}}

The only remaining problem is tearing myself away from the window -- and the incredible sunrise this morning -- long enough to pack. And put a tiny sprinkle of our sugar-white sand in my shoes to assure my return!

Postings scheduled:

Friday - January 13th - Above the clouds
Sunday - January 15th - Benches and benches
Monday - January 16th - Sea Fever
Tuesday - January 17th - These boots are made for walking
Thursday - January 19th - Gift of the seagull

1 comment:

Gary said...

I noticed that problem with drafts. I wish there was an easy way around it.