Thursday, January 05, 2006

Palm'y day in paradise

The past couple of days have been incredible -- 70 degrees, sunny, and lovely cloud formations! Life is good in paradise.

Unfortunately we are getting ready for a taste of winter. The high tomorrow may be around 48 - 50 degrees and the low around 28 - 30 degrees. {{{{burrrrrr}}}} That's called a 3-dog night in Tennessee, cause it will take at least three dogs to keep you warm.

Now where did I put those long-handles I packed away when I left Tennessee?


Gary said...

I've seen growth on plants I don't think are supposed to be growing this time of year.

lou in denver said...

love the clarity of colors!
brrr..'s clear, with sunny blue skies here and only 65 degrees....
..and the long johns are in the bottom drawer to the left..
now call in the dogs,light the fire in the fireplace,put some warm music on, grab a hot cup of cocoa or hot apple cider and enjoy a long wintery day curled up with a good book..
or editing future photographic projects!!
your loyal fans are waiting...!!!!