Monday, June 10, 2013

Another rainy day

Yesterday was like a monsoon season and although it is heavily overcast today, the rain has lessened.  It feels a bit like a sauna outside right now (79 degrees/90% humidity), which is definitely not good for my camera, so I'm using my time to get the house ready for our next round of company which arrives on Wednesday. 

I'm hoping to hear back from the Audubon Society soon with some information about the photo of a banded American Oystercatcher I sent them last Thursday, photographed in the Santa Rosa area of Gulf Islands National Seashore.  It was the first Oystercatcher I've ever seen for myself here on the island, so it was exciting to see it had been banded.  Hopefully they will be able to tell me the location of where it was banded. My guess is the Apalachicola area where they are more common.  


Novice Naturalist said...

Fantastic photo, D.J.

BaysideLife said...

I know that there is a website where you can send the photo and they can identify the tag and the locations. I'll try to remember or ask my friend what it is. Nice capture.

Susan said...

Love this photo!