Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Herons at Nest FP-6111

Sea turtle patrolers can count on finding something unique on the beach nearly every time we go out.  Sometimes it will be sea creatures we can't identify or interesting bird behavior (as shown below).  Sometimes it's curious things which have washed up on shore. 

This summer, for instance, I've see considerably more logs, driftwood, and large splintered pieces of wood along the beach both on Ft. Pickens and Santa Rosa, probably originating from storm damage hundreds of miles from us.

There are also times when nests get washed over during a high tide.  Wood and sargassum littered a large area around nest FP-6111, intriguing a family of herons who decided to swoop in to investigate.  I hated to interrupt them, but after a couple of minutes I had to push past to complete my patrol.

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