Thursday, March 24, 2011

Off to Ft. Pickens!

I'm heading to Ft. Pickens for our Gulf Islands National Seashore Volunteer Outing today.  Volunteers from not only our area, but also the Mississippi District will spend the day on special guided tours around Ft. Pickens, and enjoy a picnic and awards presentation.

I love my sea turtle patrols, but is also very interesting to meet and visit with volunteers who provide service in other areas (such as the forts and welcome centers) and districts.  Some have been volunteering for up to two decades and received their 1,000+ hour awards and certificates!  They are incredibly generous with their time and are very knowledgeable about our National Seashore, its history, and wildlife.

What a fabulous, beautiful day for fun and friends and picnicking at Ft. Pickens!


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