Monday, August 03, 2009


One of the best perks of volunteering for the park is getting closer to the wildlife. When I patrol east of Pensacola Beach in the Santa Rosa area, I pass a large colony of black skimmers, one of my favorite birds. On the west side - the Ft. Pickens area - I get to see large osprey like this! This one had just caught a fish and was having a sushi breakfast as I drove by.

Oops, sorry to interrupt you. No need to go on my account....

But off he goes with the fish tight in his talons.

There's no time to dawdle on turtle patrol. If we find a nest which needs to be relocated, there are restrictions on the time frame within which it must be done. Plus, nesting sea turtles have been known to get disoriented and dehydrated, needing help to get back into the Gulf of Mexico like the beautiful loggerhead at Opal Beach last year. Click HERE to view the photos of the loggerhead and the rescue.

I keep my camera on the seat next to me and grab it frequently, but there's no time to stop and set up a tripod. The birds would be long gone anyway. Vibration of the vehicle increases blur, but at least these photos give you a glimpse of our barrier island stirring at daybreak.

Life is good!

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