Tuesday, March 18, 2008

She Who Loves the Beach

I rarely gush about things other than the beach, but this weekend I discovered the most amazing artist - Suzy Toronto - a true kindred spirit for all sisters of the beach! Below you will see one of her great, whimsical prints which I bought this weekend.

Suzy has all sorts of gifts on which she displays her art. I couldn't resist a couple of her luggage tags.

Check out more of Suzy's delightful prints with their stories, gifts, and how they were inspired:

Wonderful, Wacky Women

I call this Suzy's "She" category: She Who has Arrived, She Who Loves the Beach, She Who Believes in Herself, She Who Loves to Dance, She Who Writes Her own Story. There are so many more in this section that I can't even list this all, but each is unique.

Tingle Heart

Beach Babe, Gathering of the Goddesses, Live Every Minute, Foolish Things, Make Waves, and Age is Nothing are among the many available in this category.

Divas of the Deep

You'll love her Queen of the Seas, Loving Life, Love the Fin You're In, Girl Fin, Sisters of the Sea, and more.

I hope you take time to look at Suzy's website and check out some of the gifts. You'll definitely leave her website smiling!


Anonymous said...

Hey DJ!
what a find!!!
sounds like you and me..
love her site!!
am already shopping for all those special days and special sisters!!!
thanks for leading the way!!!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hey Lou,

I'm glad you enjoyed Suzy's website as much as I did. What a great attitude and artwork. It comes together perfectly.