Thursday, March 20, 2008

Change of direction

The wind has finally changed direction and is now from the north. Sustained winds have dropped closer 10 mph, but there were gusts up to 38 mph overnight.
The surf is beginning to flatten due to the north wind and we are due for a beautiful weekend!


joyous said...

Hi there,

I absolutely love reading your blog! I'm moving to Pcola in July and looking @ your beautiful pics is making me more excited!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Congratulations, joyous! There's always something to do, especially as we get warmer weather.

Starting in May, I generally spend Tuesday nights at Bands on the Beach (on the island, of course), and Thursday nights I go into Pensacola to listen to free concerts under beautiful old live oak trees in Seville Square.

Our beach is stunning, there is a great community theatre, the Pensacola Symphony & Orchestra, Pensacola Ballet, art galleries and wonderful museums not far away in downtown Pensacola. You're in for so much fun!

joyous said...

Bands......concerts......sounds great to me! I can't wait!!!! Been a New Englander all my life and I can't wait to become an official Floridian. I am going to miss fall the most though and my kids are going to miss sledding but I'm sure the gorgeous beach will make up for it :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi DJ,
I just returned from the beach...we live there and in
St. Louis. It's a cold, snowy Easter here. Missing the beach I clicked you from my favorite places. I was delighted to see our chairs! Mike and I were taking a short walk on the beach when you took this shot. THANKYOU!
Judy Grabel aka island girl

Barrier Island Girl said...

How fun! Actually, when I took this photo, I saw a couple walking down the beach and was concerned that they might think I was getting into their beach bag! HA!

It was just me!