Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sugar Bowl

It was great to get out for a long walk this morning. The weather has been very cold since New Year's Day, getting down into the 20's with winds gusting over 35 mph at times -- not exactly photo-taking weather.

Although it's clouding up a bit now and a haze seems to be settling over us, it was a beautiful, sunny morning as evidenced in this shot of nearby Sugar Bowl.


Anonymous said...

growing up in pensacola,and being prone to maintaining our tans,
the sugar bowl was THE PLACE which provided shelter from the wintery winds as well as an added measure of privacy for doing just that!!
however, i never recalled seeing a lake anywhere near the place!!
lou in denver

cshells said...

Were on the island is Sugar Bowl located? cshells

Barrier Island Girl said...

(My original reply has not shown up, so I'll try again.)

Lou, you should see the shot Michael O'Donovan took of a black bear in the 'Sugar Bowl' several years ago! Yikes! It's in his 2005book about Northwest Florida.

cshells, as you head east on the island, Sugar Bowl will be on your left about 1/2 a mile before you reach Portofino.

A few months ago I talked to a lady who has lived in that subdivision a few years. She said Sugar Bowl lake used to be spring-fed fresh water, but became brackish after Hurricane Ivan.