Monday, January 28, 2008

Krewe of Kids goes Hollywood

After a week's delay due to bad weather, the Krewe of Kids finally get to glam it up and go Hollywood with this year's Mardi Gras theme, featuring the stars and starlets of Pensacola Beach.

The little gentleman above happily escorts a bevy of starlets which comprise the Glamour Squad!

The Glamour Squad! Razzle dazzle, look at those smiles!

Hey, I'm just here for the MoonPies!

Gosh, do we ride it or pet it?

No, this isn't a little peacock hatchling. It's a future Krewe member.

The Glamour Squad climb aboard their float.

Another future member of the Krewe of Kids.

The parade lines up with their banner!
Due to the postponement of the parade last weekend, some of the original court were unable to attend today. Luckily the court found a stand-in for the King of the Krewe and he did a fabulous job.

Another great stand-in today for Queen of the Krewe.

I'm just here for Xtreme sports, but I kinda like these starlets.

The floats go by...

Two kids and a pirate head 'float' by.

Krewe of Kids toss beads and other throws to the crowd!

And the Oscar goes to....The Glamour Squad! That's one happy little fellow.

Hmmmm...wonder who gets to take the trophy home with them?

The Krewe of Kids court lines up in the Pavilion.

The King and Queen.

Pretty princess!

All hail the Krewe of Kids!

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