Monday, June 18, 2007


There are times I head to the beach to capture images of a day in paradise, only to be distracted. Yesterday I noticed a dragonfly...which drew me to a clump of sea oats on a large sand dune across the street... which drew me on to a beautifully landscaped yard next door...which drew me on down the street around the corner to a piece of driftwood...which drew me on down the street to totem pole of a pirate...which drew me on down the street to a boy on a gargoyle??? Yes, I do believe it is a gargoyle.

A home in Calle Hermosa had this lovely (possibly non-working) fountain in the front yard. I absolutely fell in love with it. Look at the incredible life-like expression on the boy's face. Oh to have a piece of art like this, but at least I know it is close by to appreciate.

Isn't life an adventure? You never know what is around the next corner.

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Dave said...

Yes, life is very serendipitous that way. Dave