Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Indescribably lovely"

"Indescribably lovely. Truly heaven on earth, I thought more than once as I walked west toward Ft. Pickens in the sunny solitude of this unpopulated part of the island. The variegated aqua water was as clear as I've seen it in seven summers, and seemed to stretch on to unknown horizons."

"I saw dolphins jumping at a distance, rays hunting inshore, and small birds zipping by in swift, hushed flocks mere inches above the water. An amateur fisherperson had caught a 'needle fish' and was cutting it loose "so he can live". It was just a delightful gift of a day, full of visual treasures to remember in November."

~~ L.L's message from Pensacola Beach

[Many thanks to my friend, Linda, who also lives here on the beach. She sent me a copy of a paragraph she'd written to another friend in Pennsylvania, describing how beautiful our weather is right now. It visually captured a day on the beach so perfectly that I asked if I could quote her on my blog.]


Ken Albin said...

Hello from St. Augustine, fellow Floridian! Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them and keep up the excellent work.

Onemargaret said...

I see why you want to live here. It is a very beautiful place. I've always wanted to visit Florida. I hear it is very warm throughout the year. Enjoy your home. You deserve it. Have a nice day.